Pink Wedding Decoration with Perfect Bar and Cocktail Style

The choice of colors is very important to support pink wedding decoration. A pink wedding is a good option if you want to bring romantic and intimate mood in the wedding reception. Pink shades come in a lot of options. You can choose soft pink, baby pink, fuchsia, hot pink, magenta and many more. If you want to stay safe when having pink wedding decoration, you can choose hot pink color. It is very flexible to mix and match with other colors such as white, black, brown or even cream. You can combine pink with two colors.

Let’s decide the wedding favors and accessories in pink wedding decoration. You can have the wedding favors in affordable price if you do not want to spend a lot of cash. You can select soap roses, pink orchid gel candles, flower seed wedding favors, chocolate inside a box, key holder, or even a note book. You need to decorate the wedding favors with pink bows or ribbon to carry dramatic style. Now decide the color to choose for the wedding reception. You can make the table fun and interesting with black and pink color. The guest tables can be decorated with pink and black tablecloth. The napkin can come in pure white color.

You can make it a bit mysterious, with black colored candelabra in the middle of the guest. The pink flowers are nice to have inside glass crystal vases. Now look at the style of bar and cocktail in pink wedding decoration. The bar should be comfortable so that the guests can talk and hang around. You have to give a free space for the guests to dance on the floor. Have a DJ to turn on the music. The cocktail served can come with tiny pink and black umbrella to suit pink wedding decoration.