4 Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas That Will Surely Wow Your Guests

At the start of the entire wedding planning process, the wedding invitation sets the mood and the feel for the entire wedding day. Even with months before the big day, the wedding invites give the guests a sneak preview of what the wedding might just be like. All the important details of the day are also included in the invite – the hosts, venues, date, time, attire, and other noteworthy instructions.

With the rise of modern technology and the evolution of the wedding industry, today’s brides have a number of different approaches when it comes to wedding invitation ideas. From simple laser-cut paper sets to the elaborate digital slideshows, wedding invites have now taken numerous shapes and forms. Its flexibility allows the soon-to-be brides and grooms to truly make their own wedding invitations and wedding day unique.


For those getting tire of the traditional paper invites and for those who simply don’t fit with the formal wedding announcement suites, here are 4 stand out wedding invitation ideas that are sure to make a statement:

Say it with infographs. This period of social media has brought us with visual data in its most compact and most attention-grabbing format in the form of infographs. This kind of wedding invitation idea may come in any shape, size, or even theme. It can tell anything from how the bride and the groom met, the different places they have visited together, and even the important dates in their individual lives. Print out the design on cardboards and mail them as invites or post them online for a quick Save-the-Date announcement.

Go digital and go paperless. For the earth-loving couples, going green is the way to go, even in the smallest details. The newest wedding invitation idea came from environment-friendly couples looking for ways to cut paper usage and costs. Invites can be sent via emails or all information regarding the wedding can be posted on the couple’s own wedding website. Photo slideshows, video montages, and any other digital artworks can be saved in a flash drive or a memory card and sent via mail to all guests for a more high-tech approach to the wedding.

Use and reuse. Give the invited guests an invitation that they will surely love keeping through printing the wedding invitation on fabric or linen. Even long after the big day, the fabric may be transformed into a tea towel, table runner, or even a simple hanged artwork. No unused parts for this cool wedding invitation idea!

Tickle the taste buds as well. Why not give your guests a little sugary love while announcing your big day? Another unique wedding invitation idea is to print the invites as a chocolate bar wrapper. Include edible goods along with the announcements, like granola bars, cookies, and even little finger snacks.

Overall, these wedding invitation ideas are just a few suggestions of what might work perfectly with each unique couple. Seize the moment and let your unique personality shine during the wedding day itself through the wedding invitations. After all, the entire day is about you, your beloved partner, and love.

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