Amazing Designer Wedding Gowns 2014 for Church Ceremony

Designer wedding gowns 2014 are expensive because it is created by the famous fashion designers. You can see how the dresses of Vera Wang or Alexander McQueen hypnotize most brides in the world. When getting hitched with the finance, the wedding dress is on the first list of most brides in the world. They want to be the most beautiful bride by wearing the right dress. The dress that you want should be determined based on the body shape, style and theme of the wedding party.

You can wear different dresses for the church ceremony and wedding reception. Most people go with traditional and formal wedding dress for the church ceremony. You need to choose the fully covered wedding dress to respect the church institution. The designer wedding gowns 2014 that you wear for the reception can be more casual and sexier. You can wear the spaghetti strap or even strapless wedding dress. This dress is good to wear indoor or outdoor. However, you need to make sure that the season will never bother you. If the wedding occasion is celebrated in the summer season, you can go with thin layered wedding dress. It will never make you feel hot.

You will be comfortable when wearing the thin layer dress with strapless design. On the other hand, the winter wedding forces you to pick the dress from the heavy fabrics such as organza and velvet. The fabric can bring glamour style on the dress without making you feel the cold season. The dress that the designer shows in their couture can be replicated with a simple adjustment. You can see the dress of Kate Middleton. It has lace sleeves which creates regal and lavish style. You can complete the look of the designer wedding gowns 2014 with long train and tulle.


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