Snowflake Candles Wedding Favors With Gel Candles And Garland

To have a perfect winter wedding decoration, you need to think about snowflake candles wedding favors. Snowflake candle is a good option for decorating the guest table and also as a keepsake for the guests. Snowflake is selected as the symbol of a winter wedding. You can have snowflake to infuse in many kinds of items such as the garland, gel candles, crystal glasses, and craft stick. If you want to bring beautiful style for wedding reception, you can choose snowflake as the main theme.

The wedding favor can be used as the centerpieces too. If you want to create a snowflake garland, you just have to use a piece of paper. But the couples who do not have much time for this hand crafted design can buy the item on the hand crafted stores. What about snowflake candles wedding favors? You can get them in various kinds of stores in town. You just have to make it personal by having a card label which shows the name of the bride and groom.  Don’t forget to think the way you wrap snowflake candles wedding favors. It will look ugly if you do not wrap it inside a box, container or a bag.

Since you have a winter theme, you can place the votive or gel candle inside a crystal box or glass. If your budget is very limited, you can choose a colorful plastic bag. Decorate it with a ribbon to make the snowflake candles wedding favors sweet. The style of the candle for this wedding favor comes in various options. You can choose the one decorated with glitter to create sparkling effect. You can pick the size of the candle based on the personal need. Avoid the big and long one. You need to pick snowflake candles wedding favors which can be easy to carry and take home as a keepsake from your romantic winter wedding.