Elegant Wedding Decorations with Picnic Theme

Elegant wedding decorations can be the best choice for the couples who want to wed in classic and simple wedding theme. You can bring a unique theme for elegant style. There is no need for you to have fairy tale or even magical wedding theme. You can choose an outdoor wedding with a picnic wedding theme. The picnic wedding can come in the beach, garden or village area. You just have to gather the ideas to create the picnic theme with elegant wedding decorations. Use your creativity and ask some advices from the professional wedding organizer.

If you decide to handle the wedding alone, you can get help from parents, family and friends. You can avoid the formal look on wedding party. Even though it comes in casual affair, it does not mean that you have to banish the elegant mood. Choose the simple colored table clothes for elegant wedding decorations on each table for the guests. You can have the red gingham chalkboard pattern on the tablecloth. This color and pattern always reminds people with the picnic theme. Don’t forget to think about the floral arrangement. There is no need to use the traditional and elaborate floral arrangement. The picnic theme should be simple and presents rustic nature.

You can decorate the table in elegant wedding decorations with sunny flowers or daisies on a ceramic or clay pottery. You can also hang some mason jars and decorate them with wild flowers. To make it look elegant, you can place some colored ribbons along the jars in bow style. The napkins and plates are important in picnic wedding. You can make it look casual with Chinet brand plates. The napkin can come in white color to fit with the gingham colored tabletop. You can also use the autumn leaves along the altar as well as edible centerpieces on the table for elegant wedding decorations.

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