Evening Weddings with Fascinating Candles

Evening weddings are always involved with candle light. Some couples choose to have their wedding at night for it can create a romantic setting. The evening wedding is nice to have in outdoor area. You can use the darkness to bring a good setting. Choose the location first so that it will be easy for you to determine the themes and decors that you have to prepare before the wedding occasion. Some people love to use the spring garden which can make them blend with natural beauty of flowers and plants. This garden is also nice if it has many features such as swimming pool, gazebo, waterfall, bridge or pond.

The first item to use for decorating the evening nuptial reception is the candle. It can be used to make the wedding venue and altar sparkling. The candles should be placed in many unique candles holders to avoid any accident. The candle can be the main theme here. You can spread many kinds of candle holders on the swimming pool and wedding altar for festive occasion. The entrance area of your wedding can be decorated with candles along the walkway.

The keepsake for the guests who come to your wedding can come in candle wedding favor. If you choose the decoration for the beach wedding, you can have the candle holder made in the shape of flower, seashell heart or diamond. To enjoy romantic feeling in the wedding reception, you can choose the heart shaped design. You pick the candle holder, lantern, and chandelier in earth shape. The arches and gazebo that you use as the d├ęcor can come in similar shape and pattern. If you want to give the lovely wedding favor for the guests who come here, pick the nice hearth shaped compact mirror for cute evening weddings favor.

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