Gel Candle Designs Ideas Decorated With Bowl, Wreath and Flowers

Gel candle designs ideas should be wrapped and adorned based on the theme of the wedding reception. If you want to create elegant look on the wedding table, you do not need to make it complicated. You just have to use a classic and simple detail which can make the gel candle stand out. Gel candle is very important in a wedding because it can give illumination and set the romantic mood. Therefore, many couple chooses gel candle designs ideas as the main centerpiece on the table, altar and venue. You just have to display the candle perfectly.

To make it look beautiful, you can place a large bowl in the middle of each guest’s table. Then locate some glass beads and flowers inside the bowl. The gel candle can float if you fill the bowl with water. If you want to make gel candle designs ideas look shimmering and sparkling, you can place a bowl on a mirror. If the wedding theme is created in beach wedding style, you do not need to fill the bowl with flowers and water. You can fill it with beach sand and seashell. Then you can have gel candle on it. The couple who loves with winter gel candle designs ideas can pick the white snow ball candles to decorate the bowl.

If you want to carry the traditional style with gel candle, you can decorate it with wreath. It is a good style for the people who want to bring the winter, Christmas or even country theme on the wedding reception. You can decorate the bowl with hydrangeas, carnation, berries or even wild flowers. If you want to avoid the usage of a glass bowl, you can choose hurricane vases for the centerpieces. Gel candle designs ideas will look perfect if you wrap the container with ribbon or wreath.

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