Ideas for Evening Weddings with Romantic Style

Ideas for evening weddings should look match to deliver the harmonious style. When talking about the formal wedding at night, people always associate it with black tuxedo, white dress and heart shaped wadding cake. This formal occasion can be held on the chapel if you don’t mind with a traditional design. Actually there are many kinds of wedding themes that you can apply in other locations other than chapel and church. You can hold this important event on the garden or even beach. If you want to make the wedding reception different, find out the interesting theme.

If the couple really loves with adventure, you can choose the adventurous theme for the occasion. This adventurous wedding can be held for a private occasion. You can have the sky diving and a parachute before the wedding ceremony takes place. Since this adventurous wedding theme is very risky, ensure that you have permission from the both parents. Those who want to enjoy romantic feeling during the wedding reception can opt for ideas for evening weddings. It enables you to play with a lot of lamps. You can decorate the trees and arches on the wedding venue with sparkling lamps in bright white. It can bring the starry feeling if the occasion is held in great weather.

Even though you decide to have the wedding occasion in outdoor situation, don’t forget to have a simple shelter as the backup plan if it suddenly rains. You can keep the guests, family and friends in comfort. The couple who is fascinated with the darkness at night can choose the creepy wedding style. You can go with zombie theme. The dress for the couple can come in black color. You can get the inspiration from the gothic and Dracula style. Ideas for evening weddings with creepy style can make your guest trilled with fake blood and vampire statue.

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