Lovely Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

Indian Wedding

Wedding invitation cards  reflect the theme of the wedding. There are many kinds of wedding invitations available in various shapes, styles and colors. Those who love with romantic feeling can have the wedding card decorated with ribbons in light colours such as pink. You can create a unique wedding invitation design, to make yours slightly different from the rest.

If you have an Indian wedding, there are many themes that you can choose from. You can have the religious wedding invitation card, coming in a special color, style and design. The card based on the religion is very special, antique and traditional. You can pick the Muslim Nikaah or even Hindu wedding cards. Most of these feature beautiful vibrant colours and intricate ornaments. Another type of Indian wedding invitation card theme is the interfaith wedding invitation. This theme is popular among the Indian people with interfaith marriages. Aside from the traditional invitation cards, you could also pick the contemporary invitation cards which will make your wedding invitation cards fabulous. These wedding invitation cards could also be decorated with some romantic Indian verses.


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