Outdoor Indian Wedding Idea

Indian Wedding Idea can be applied not only in indoor situation but also in outdoor location. If you want to enjoy a modern Indian wedding, the outdoor location is good choice. You can make the guests blend with the air of nature. People will love to enjoy the sunny day and eat their favorite Indian food. Most Indian wedding parties come in lavish and elaborate detail. You can host the Indian wedding party in the garden. You do not need to rent the park or botanical garden in your town if you have a nice garden at home. Most wedding parties in India are held at home.

There is no need to spend a lot of cash for renting a new place. You need to choose the right timing when applying the Indian wedding idea. It will be good to host the Indian wedding party when the garden is filled with full bloom flowers. You can make the wedding venue smell good due to the amazing fragrance. You can also enjoy wonderful colors which create amazing atmosphere in the Indian wedding site. The garden is more incredible to view as the wedding site if it is equipped with a gazebo. You can use it as a mandap. In Indian wedding party, a mandap is very important since the guests can give you a warm greeting and hug.

The pathway to greet the people to the mandap should be decorated with a carpet. If you like with classic Indian tradition, you can choose a gold and red carpet. On the other side of the carpet, you can decorate it with bright pink flowers. You can also have a decorative tent for the backup plan if there is something wrong with the local weather. If you choose an evening wedding in Indian wedding idea, you need to note on the lamps and candles.

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