Simple Outdoor Wedding for Unforgettable Event

Simple outdoor wedding is good to choose if you want a down to earth wedding design. The wedding ceremony can be held in various kinds of places. You can choose the church, historic mansion or even backyard of the garden.

Avoid having the party located in outside the town if you do not want to spend a lot of money for the accommodation. It can make you end up in bankruptcy. Having a simple wedding party is not difficult. You do not need to use famous decors. Choose the easy ones that you can create from the recycled material.

You can go with the bohemian or hippie wedding party. It can be done in woodland, garden or park. You can use the backyard of the house as the wedding site. You just need to make a general cleaning first on the garden so that the site looks clean, fresh and neat. With a proper planning, you can transform the old and plain look on the backyard into a beautiful paradise garden. If you have more money, you can rent a botanical garden in your town. Some people who do not have any garden can rent it to make a wonderful simple outdoor wedding celebration.

You can choose the red rose garden which can bring romantic design. Decide the total expense that you will use in this wedding occasion. You need to decide the budget so that every item that you rent or buy will never beyond the estimated budget. For the couple’s attire, you can rent it in the bridal stores. Choose the simple wedding dress for the bride since this occasion is held in outdoor space. You can pick the tea length dress. The groom can wear a suit. Avoid using tuxedo because it is not suitable to wear in simple outdoor wedding.

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