Glamorous Stage Ideas for Indian Weddings

Stage ideas for Indian weddings present the luxury. If you look at the Hollywood wedding, you are impressed with sparkling light, vibrant flowers and gold jewelry. There are many big fat wedding receptions of the Bollywood actors and actresses which make people amaze. You can see how Shilpa Shetty weds Raj Kundraj. The embellishment on the wedding stage makes people amazed. She used the combination of romantic and lavish theme. Another romantic scene can be seen when the actor Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai got hitched.

The clothes, wedding stage and decoration are lavish and magnificent. Even though you do not have a lot of money to make such as lavish ceremony, it is okay. You just need to make the Indian wedding fabulous with cost effective style. Stage ideas for Indian weddings should look harmonious and fun. You can pick the color which can match with the groom and bride’s attire. Many Indian wedding stages are filled with the color of lavender, red, pink, green, gold, and orange. You can pick two or three combos of different shade to keep the vibrant style on the wedding occasion.

The groom and bride can have the dress in red, gold and white color. Grand the romantic mood on the wedding stage by having a pink color here. When it comes about the embellishment on the dining wedding, you need to make it ornate and heavy. You can pick the ribbon to decorate the pillar and later. You can have the fabric used to caver the ceiling, stage and table made from silk organza, and hand stitched golden thread for luxury style. The flowers are nice to see on the wall, backdrop of the wedding stage and centerpieces of the table. You can have the flowers to make the stage ideas for Indian weddings beautiful and vibrant.