Wedding Favor Ideas with Scottish Theme

If you decide to have a traditional Scottish theme for a wedding party, you have to select the best wedding favor ideas. The wedding favor should reflect the theme in the party. Many people love to have Scottish touch in a traditional wedding reception for it can create fabulous and classic style. One of the best wedding decor favor ideas to go is Welsh wedding spoon. The spoons are always included as a part of Scottish tradition. You can get them in many kinds of patterns such as diamond, vine, heart, grape or even flower. Pick the pattern which supports the Scottish look.

You can give unique wedding favor ideas in the form of Scottish wedding flowers. You can have the wedding favor table decorated with various kinds of potted flowers for the keepsake. Give the guests with a pot of violets, tulips, roses, lilacs, magnolias or even lilies. If you want to keep it simple, you can have the seed of the flowers to locate on a bowl for the wedding favor ideas. Another style of keepsake to go is five Jordan almond. This keepsake represents the traditional theme in the wedding. The five Jordan almond is meaningful for it is linked with longevity, happiness, fertility, wealth and health.

The couple who just want to keep the wedding favor easy can present gift filled containers. You can fill the containers with something edible such as chocolate or even candy. If you want to make it look beautiful, you can choose dried flowers to fill it. The last idea for Scottish wedding is Scottish tablet. This is an edible keepsake for the guests because the Scottish tablet is a kind of candy. You can wrap wedding favor ideas with gift bags or boxes in colorful look to match the color of the wedding.