Unforgettable Wedding Ideas 2013

Wedding ideas 2013 should be different if your want to give the guests the unforgettable moment. The wedding ceremony and reception can be held in similar or different places. You can have the wedding stage decorated with a simple d├ęcor for cheap decoration. The first thing that you need to consider is the location of the wedding ceremony. If you love with traditional wedding ceremony on the church, ensure that you have asked the permission from the church official to decorate the altar with various kinds of flowers. Coordinate the color of the wedding flowers with the altar decoration.

Many people use the white colored fabric to decorate the edges of the guest seats on the church. Then you decorate each corner with bouquets of flowers. Ensure that the flowers can be removed easily without running the design of the church. The selection of flowers for the wedding ideas 2013 can be consulted with the professional florist. You can pick red roses if you love with the traditional wedding style. If you like with festive feeling on the church wedding ceremony, you can ask the florist to decorate the altar with poinsettia flowers.

This flower is popular today since it is a good alternative for those who find that red roses are too expensive for the wedding flower decoration. Other types of flowers that you can display for decorating the church include amaryllis, calla lilies and tulips. Pick the one in season so that you do not need to spend a lot of price. The winter season is great with those flowers. If you want to make the wedding unique without spending a lot of money for the flowers, you can choose the evergreen flowers. For example, you can have wedding ideas 2013 decorated with flower garlands to reflect the Christmas theme.

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